What We Do

Art Associates can...

add impact and value to any space with the use of art.

We offer many services from art rental, and art sales to home staging your house ready for sale, to curating your collection or art consultancy.

Have a look through our services and contact us any time to make an appointment or to get your questions answered.

Art Associates has thousands of contemporary works available for rent/hire/lease.

We like to make art accessible to everyone and renting art provides you with a convenient, low-cost method of having contemporary art in your space and, above all, it allows you to be adventurous and flexible.

We understand that some artworks are hard to part with so all of our works are for sale. There are many options available to purchase art so contact us and we can find the artwork you want.

Art Associates wants to make art accessible to everyone and to help do this you can rent-to-own any artwork we have. Renting art to purchase it is one way you can have your cake and eat it too! Talk to us today and we can help you get the art you've always wanted.

Home staging is the process of dressing your home to maximise buyer appeal. With the use of art from Art Associates we can create a valuable first impression which can go a long way to increase the perceived value of your home.

Our consultants make it easy to have complimentary art hanging in your home for the duration of the sale campaign. Art Associates will select artworks based on your home, the area and the the buyer profile to ensure the houses appeal is enhanced.

Art Associates has art for any occasion and for short or long term hire. We can provide art for situations like a special event, TV or film projects, home staging your house or for photo shoots. Rental periods from a day to a weekly basis can be arranged. Call us today to find out more. 09 376 4308

We can offer advise on works for your house, office, event or collection. We can work with you to choose those special works that can enhance any space. Art Associates can help with framing choices, hanging options and can work with your interior designer to enhance any project.

Art Associates can provides a hanging service for artwork, mirrors, frames photos, or anything that needs to go on a wall. We are the experts and hanging and can provide grouping of smaller works to provide a point of impact in your house using your existing collection of art and photos.