Abbie Read

London-born Abbie Read was educated at Leeds University in York where she attained a BA in Design before working as a CreativeDirector for a Soho-based production company. In 2001, Read relocated to New Zealand and in 2005 graduated BFA from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.

Read's work involves an exploration of hidden aesthetic intrigueand an uncovering of the fascination inherent in the patterns and detail produced through magnification of a subject. It is this fascination with an object as microcosm that Read uses as atool

to comment on the nature of judgement and the way in which context impinges on its theoretical purity.

Read has exhibited in solo and group shows in both Britain and New Zealand and in was nominated as a finalist for the Waikato Art Awards (2004) and the Norsewear Art Awards (2007). In 2005, Readwas chosen as one of five emerging artists to represent NZ in Absolut Vodka's global 'Absolut Ingenuity' campaign.

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