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A selection of our art installations we've done lately.

At Art Associates we provide a personalised service. We enjoy the whole art process from start to finish, with years of experience in finding the best artwork for you. At no charge, our experienced Art Consultants will come to you to discuss your requirements and determine the type of artwork that would suit each space with consideration to your surroundings and personal taste. We also offer combining existing artwork in the curating process and have a magic tool box to hang the artworks at the height that best suits.

  • Entrance
    Enjoying a welcoming entrance in a luxury apartment playing with size, scale and sculpture.
  • Artwork Grouping
    Artwork Grouping
    A nice, eclectic way to fill a larger space is having a collection of artworks that work together as a group.
  • Architectural Design Space
    Architectural Design Space
    Making sense of an architectural nook... artwork by Hannah Jensen
  • Corporate - Waiting area
    Corporate - Waiting area
    Large corporate waiting area surrounded by mainly glass walls. Funky furniture to fill the space but client wanted art. The free standing sculpt by Leigh gave a nice organic natural presence in a very hard edged space. Leigh Christianson - Spanner
  • Residential - Home staging
    Residential - Home staging
    Home stage project. Client required a piece to compliment their architectural details to help sell the home. Frances's piece brought colourful detail while complimenting the wood textures. Frances Hansen - Domestic Diptych
  • Grouping - hallway
    Grouping - hallway
    Grand install filling the hallway with a series of the same.
  • Corporate - board room
    Corporate - board room
    Adding to the corporate identity and clean interiors by giving colour and energy to a board room that is used regularly to creates ideas and innovation.
  • Residential - Dining Room
    Residential - Dining Room
    Small but long residential dining space. Artwork encouraged the length of the room and gave a point of interest. Peter Miller - Losing One's Marbles II (In A Manner Of Speaking)
  • Corporate - Meeting room
    Corporate - Meeting room
    Professional corporate meeting room. Sophisticated high profile client required artwork for their very active discussion rooms. Kathryn's piece gave a nice point of interest but didn't interrupt or question staff needing to power on. Kathryn Stevens - View
  • Residential - Upstairs loft
    Residential - Upstairs loft
    Residential client with a large living space, needing a nice bold piece to bring the space together. Leasing this piece by Gavin lifted the eye and completed the space nicely. Gavin Jones - MMB vs AA
  • Home staging - Rent-to-buy
    Home staging - Rent-to-buy
    Residential client looking to purchase but unsure what worked in their home or what they both liked. Leasing Frances Hansen's piece allowed the client to live with the piece before buying. Frances Hansen - Craft Club
  • Corporate - Waiting/Reception area
    Corporate - Waiting/Reception area
    The interior designer had incorporated natural wood features & soft furnishings. Very New Zealand based, the client wanted a piece that showed a kiwi flavour. Fatu's art suited perfectly, having a strong pacific theme & colour to help welcome clients. Fatu Feu'u - Via Moana
  • Residential - Home staging
    Residential - Home staging
    As the bedroom was home staged it needed a lift of colour and personal touch. This piece by Anita was able to bring in colour as a complimentary solution to complete the look. Anita Levering - Blast
  • Corporate - Meeting room
    Corporate - Meeting room
    Fun corporate meeting room. Client wanted a piece of artwork that complimented the colour branding and youth of their staff and clientele using the room. Clare's work was well received giving a point of interest and talking point to help ease into serious meetings. Clare Matheson - Large Tetris II
  • Residential - Home staging
    Residential - Home staging
    Funky penthouse apartment home stage, where the artwork was needed to capture the eye of the buyer as the exterior view was 360 degrees. Jesse's piece pulled the eye in to see what a wonderful resting/reading space this room was amongst the view. Jesse Watson - Juggle Nugget Series
  • Residential - Long term lease
    Residential - Long term lease
    The space was a large entrance wall above the stairs. Residential client was unable to decide on a large piece of art to fill the wall, so enjoyed the ideal of leasing and living with a piece. Mal Bouzaid - Tidal Flats
  • Residential - Sitting room
    Residential - Sitting room
    Large residential wall requiring a large bold piece to enjoy from it's many view points being in an open place space. Matthew Browne - Sequester II
  • Corporate - Lobby space
    Corporate - Lobby space
    Corporate Client requiring artwork for the lobby space. Brief was to represent a New Zealand flavour on a large scale and bold. Neal Palmer - X Factor II
  • Residential - Home staging
    Residential - Home staging
    City apartment living home stage. Rene Jansen - Carousel
  • Curating your art collection
    Curating your art collection
    A quirky art collector and their art collection finding new placement in their new home. Enjoyable curating process arranging, selecting, grouping and installing. A quick view from below, looking up at the wall sculpture hang by artist Anton Parsons.

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