Art for Rent

Don't know where to start your art collection? Have a wall in reception and need a piece of art?

Art Leasing enables you to enhance your space and flexibility to refresh your surroundings periodically, with the opportunity to sample the best of New Zealand's contemporary artwork at a fraction of the purchase cost.

Renting a piece of art helps make a space considered and complete, creating an appealing and exciting environment for friends, family, colleagues or clients to enjoy.

For our corporate clients, renting art for your business ensures that as your company grows and changes so can your art and the look that it brings. Leasing art is also a tax deductible expense.

Art Associates likes to make art accessible to everyone and renting art provides you with a convenient, low-cost method of having contemporary art in your home or office. It allows you to be adventurous and flexible. Options available include lease/rent, purchase and rent-to-own.

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