Here's a list of common questions about our art and our services.

If you have any questions about art rental, art consultancy, art sales, home staging, framing or any other subject please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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    Who can rent art?

    The short answer is anyone! Our clientele range from Corporate to Residential to Film & TV to Home Staging and special events. Just call us and we will work with you to get you what you need.

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    Can leased or purchased art be delivered locally or shipped out-of-town?

    We can deliver and hang your artwork in you live in the Auckland area and we can deliver to anywhere in New Zealand.

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    How much of Art Associates inventory is found on the website?

    Our website shows examples of the artists works. Due to our artwork constantly changing, you can rely on our free consulting service to provide you with the best of what we have; and with over 400 artists works available there is always a vast selection.

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    What are the advantages to renting art from Art Associates?

    Aside from the friendly and prompt service Art Associates has become renowned for, we can also assist with virtually any art and framing project. We offer everything you need from the art itself to services such as art consultancy, quality custom framing and installation. We pride ourselves on making any project stress free from start-to-finish.

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    How long can I lease art for?

    We have art available for varying terms, with 3 month rotating lease period being the most popular. The majority of our clients take out their first pieces over a period of three months so they can get a feel for the artwork in their space before making a decision to keep what they have or exchanging the art for a new piece. We also have clients who have had their artwork for decades! So just contact us to discuss how long you would like art for.

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    Can I buy my piece of art that I rent?

    We understand that you can become attached to the piece of artwork you currently lease, therefore most artwork comes with a lease-to-own or purchase outright option. If there is a particular artist you are interested in, we can also source options for you to purchase.

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    Can I come in and choose my piece of art myself?

    Art Associates provides a free consultancy service for all its clients. This means that we will come to your space to work with you to find the best art work to suit you and your personal tastes. Viewing the space ensures our consultants bring a selection of artworks that work with the space. Our Art Consulting services an help achieve a contemporary look for your home or office. Call or email us to arrange an appointment

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    I'd like to move my art from the wall it is currently on. Can I do it myself

    Due to our artwork being extremely fragile and valuable, each piece of art we rent is very precious to the artist, we prefer to move the artwork ourselves, that way you won't be responsible for any damage which might occur during the moving process. Simply call us so we can discuss some options.

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    Can Art Associates hang or move my art collection?

    Here at Art Associates we offer a full curative service. Whether its moving or grouping together your existing artwork collection, our expert consultants will work with you to find the perfect space.

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    Can you frame posters/family photographs/artwork by the children etc?

    We can organise any framing you require whether it's family photos, sports uniforms, children's artwork, certificates or anything that can be framed. We'll be sure to call you with a quote before we begin the framing process and we can organise our hanging experts to hang the newly framed pieces for you. Call us for information about framing services and hanging rates.

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    I have a mirror that needs to be hung. Can Art Associates do this too?

    Art Associates hang or install many others items other than art. Please contact us anytime to find out more or to arrange a time to hang your items.

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    Can you hang pictures in concrete/brick/tiles/rock?

    Yes we can. We have the hardware and correct technique to deal with any installation.

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    Can you hang the artwork with adhesive products such as 3M hooks?

    Unfortunately we have seen a number of walls and artwork damaged by the use of sticky pads/hooks/velcro etc so we do not use 3M hooks or non-commercial, temporary hanging devices.

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    Can I rent art for short term periods to sell my house?

    We understand that the time it takes for a property to sell varies considerably from one house to the next. Art Associates offers home staging rates and periods to suit any situation. Our pricing start at $30 + GST per week on our special 5 week house sale campaign. Call us today (09 376 4308) to discuss our competitive homestaging rates and hire periods. And remember, when you lease artwork from Art Associates we come out and install the artwork for free.

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