Adrian Jackman

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Adrian Jackman graduated in 1997 with a Masters Degree in FineArts from Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Arts andhas been exhibiting in solo and group shows in Auckland and Wellington since.

Jackman encourages a sense of narrative in his work, oftenutilising the juxtaposition of seemingly random elements (a meltingice-cream, fawns, a diver, Manga anime figures) drawn from the environs of pop culture to create tension and energy and to provoke diverse readings of his work. For Jackman, modern popculture and advertising imagery inserts itself in the modern landscape in a casual yet inescapable way and his response to it isto illuminate its often other worldly existence by translating its most visible elements into his works in an often witty and self-referential manner.

Jackman's fascination with the modern landscape of emblems, symbols and imagery results in a kind of still-life a snapshot of a scene whose familiar elements are arranged in a decidedly unfamiliar way, or whose seemingly random juxtaposition of emblems entails a deeper symbolism.

Jackman also tutors in the finer aspects of acrylic painting at Art Station and Te Tuhi, was awarded the Mt Eden Young ArtistPremier Award in 1996 and has been a finalist in many major national art awards including the Norsewear Art Awards, Trust Waikato Contemporary Art Awards and the Wallace Art Awards.

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