Agneta Ekholm

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Agneta Ekholm studied at The Swedish Art School of Nykarleby, Finland, graduating with aBachelor of Visual Arts in 1994, before relocating to MelbourneAustralia, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Painting from the Royal Melbourne Institute ofTechnology in 1996.

Serene, vast, immersive - Ekholm's sensitively layered paintings evoke a myriad of emotional and cognitive responses. The organic compositions suggest movement or the play of light, glass-likeformations or flowing water, though the fluid and gradual processof creation, and luxurious ebb and flow of paint, direct theirambiguity and abstractness. Seemingly delicate, the works exude afalse fragility that only adds to their sensual elusiveness.

Ekholm says of her practice, “Working with fast-drying acrylic and water, I use a sponge to apply layer upon layer of shapes andgestures with solid pigment and transparent washes, while continually washing and rubbing sections away until the finalcomplex image is built. I may work for days on a small isolated section of the painting. It is an obsessive and fastidious processand the work travels a complex journey of twists and turns before Ihave found the 'solution' which is that painting's final incarnation.“

In 2012 Ekholm was a finalist in the Calleen Art Award, the Mount Eyre Art Prize, Fischer's Ghost Art Award and the Redland Art Award. She continues to live and work in Melbourne, Australia.

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