Alex Whaley-Smith

Born in 1980, Alex Whaley-Smith attended Auckland University ofTechnology, graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Art in 2003,before continuing her studies to complete a Postgraduate Diploma inSecondary Teaching at Auckland University in 2005. She is currentlyteaching in the faculty of Performing Arts at Rangitoto College inAuckland.

Whaley-Smith's work combines the processes of painting, photography and film to create work that explores the points of connection for visual technologies. Her most recent series 'Pixelated World' investigates the process of painting through the ultra-magnification and consequent de-resolution ofthe painted surface that is the floor of the artist's studio - aculmination of the detritus, leftovers and the by-products of the finished image.

Whaley-Smith is an experienced exhibitor and curator, having participated in a number of group shows and curating three exhibitions in Auckland in the last four years. Her works are heldin numerous private collections throughout New Zealand and HongKong.

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