Amir Nabipour

Farhad “Amir“ Nabipour left his home country of Iran in 1990 tofind freedom of expression and further his artistic career in NewZealand. In 1992, Nabipour graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design and Commercial Art by correspondence from Stott's College in Auckland. Nabipour relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1995 in orderto study more extensively and develop his painterly handling oflandscape. In 1996 he gained a Diploma in Master Art by correspondence while continuing to produce commissioned works and painting for inclusion in group shows in the U.S.

Nabipour's painting draws inspiration from the subject matterand stylistic attributes of early 20th century Surrealist painters, most notably Rene Magritte. Nabipour'sinclusion of symbolic emblems, his sense of discontinuity and incongruity and his handling of perspective suggest an affinity with hisinfluences, while the social conscience and comment inhis works make for exceedingly direct and expressive paintings. As Nabipour suggests, his works are 'markers of emotional places'.

Nabipour has been involved in a number of group exhibitions inthe U.S. and continues to paint in New Zealand, with solo shows atthe Studio of Contemporary Art and Monterey Galleries. He has also extended his multi-media interests, producing work across a variety of genres from photography and digital art to poetry and film-making. His paintings are held in a number of private collections worldwide and he has been called upon for commissions as varied as a large-scale diptych in the foyer of Atlanta's Hilton Hotel, and advertising artwork for Auckland International Airport.

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