Belinda Wilson

Belinda Wilson was born in Calcutta in 1954, and gained a Diploma in Fine Arts (with Honours) from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University in 1975. She travelled and worked in studios throughout Europe, the UK and the USA from 1976-83, studying abstraction under Nieves Billmyer in New York and teaching paintingin Vermont before settling in Australia in 1984. Since 1993 she has been living and working in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wilson brings a deft and intriguing touch to otherwise conventional subject matter, most notably the depiction of thehuman form. In particular, her studies of bathers allow her the scope to paint the body in a variety of ways that has the dual effect of presenting the vagaries of individual form and implying a of individual form and implying a sense of movement and playfulness in the interaction of her subjects. Wilson's subjects, whether abstracted or rendered in moreconventionally figurative ways, are set in a background of thick, sumptuous colour that draws in the eye and illuminates her fascination with form.

Wilson has had both solo exhibitions and commissions in NewZealand, Australia and England and in 1976 won the Kelliher ArtAward. Her works are held in private collections in New Zealand and overseas.

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