Christine White

Armed with a background in Textile Design in the textile industry in England, Christine White relocated to New Zealand in1984 to work in ceramics before completing a Diploma in Fine Artsat Otago Polytechnic in 1996. In 1997, White attended Auckland Institute of Technology, graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Artsmajoring in Printmaking. She currently lives and works inTauranga.

White's monoprint works on paper and her paintings on canvasfocus on the ideas of chaos theory and unity, order and completeness as it extends from scientific theory intogeneral secular understanding and finally to multi-faith religious belief. Earlier works focus on the concepts and symbolism of the mandala, a religious emblem that has its origins in Tibetan Buddhism. As her career has progressed, White hasextended the thematic concerns of her work to encompass Cartesiandualism and the aesthetic idea that an underlying order is anessential facet of beauty. Informing much of White's work is the belief that order and unity and their opposing elements of chaosand disarray are common themes underpinning life. As such, White's works strive to make the understanding of this concrete in visualform. As she explains, 'my images contain a certain type of geometry, considered at moments throughout the history of art,as one of the essential components of 'beauty'. I explore thepossibility as with the Chaos Theory, that chaos may be thought of as a highly complex order, and that there is chaos hidden within regularity.'

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