Cristina Beth

Cristina Beth attended Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Art, graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in 2008 and a Masters in Fine Arts in 2009.

A multi disciplinary artist, Beth's work focusses on the intrinsic and essential in everyday objects. Her Peony series is an example of an approach to the common flower based on both theoretical and philosophical modes. Beth recreates an impression of the subject that is full of light, shade and perceived dimensionality. This 'full' work is then paired with its reductive mirror image: the subject is reduced to its ideal nature, represented solely by block colour and outline.

Beth's work offers the viewer an insight into the perception of reality and the simplicity of structure that underpins those perceptions, thereby questioning what it is that constitutes our understanding of 'reality'.

Beth has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows and continues to produce work from her Laingholm, West Auckland studio.

*Works are examples only. Please contact us to see what is available