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Cruz Jimenez's work hints at a sense of wonder hidden just below the surface of the ubiquitous objects that create the backdrop for the humdrum, 'everyday' world. His is an oeuvre where it is only our perception of reality that separates us from a magic that is ever-present - Jimenez's work suggests that if we look beyond the mundane and allow ourselves to fully appreciate what is around us, we will see the wonder in the world as it really exists.

While his works are essentially abstract, they present a veiled imagery that brings forth an intuitive understanding of the form being conveyed. We can recognise insects, birds, fish, leaves, trees, fire, clouds - a plethora of natural elements reside in this artist's garden. Essentially optimistic, Jimenez imparts a sense of the miraculous in the small lives of everyday creatures - a pile of leaves being disturbed sets loose a furling mass of activity a fire generates a rain of ruby sparks a rippling pool disturbs the inhabitants and they dance under the surface of the water.

Rather than painting specific creatures, Jimenez portrays his subjects almost as parcels of life in an ambiguous form.

This ambiguity allows the viewer to recognise more easily the metaphor for the human condition that is developed through his pieces. However, the real skill of the artist is in making these small lives wondrous and poignant, reflecting the emotional complexity of considering the place of human existence in a larger, more spiritual context.

Born and raised in Southern California, Cruz Jimenez received his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from the Art Institute of Southern California, where he was nominated to the New York Studio program scholarship. Having studied at several prestigious institutions, including Yale University and the Parsons School of Design, Jimenez established his own gallery in Los Angeles, while continuing to paint full time.

Jimenez now lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand. His work hangs in permanent and private collections throughout the country, Europe and the United States.

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