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A Wellington-based painter and multimedia artist, Dhyana Beaumont graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Canterbury University and has recently completed her Master of Fine Arts witha project that explored concepts of interactivity utilising installation, painting and digital multimedia. Beaumont's artisticpractice is largely informed by moving images and drawing fromintuition to create work. Beaumont currently tutors in DigitalMedia at WELTEC, the Wellington Institute of Technology.

Labyrinth - Journey Fulfilment is a prime example of Beaumont's painterly practice and hails from a series of work inwhich Beaumont explored the properties of less commonly usedmaterials such as encaustic wax and tar as an illumination of both process and subject matter. By thickly layering the canvas ofLabyrinth - Journey Fulfilment with these materials, Beaumont draws attention to the physicality of paint and theliteral 'illumination' at the end of a metaphorical journey.

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