Fiona Innes

Fiona Innes is a self-taught artist who draws much of her inspiration from the landscape in the middle of the North Island, particularly the route across the Desert Road and Kaimanawa Ranges.Innes' interest in the film industry has led her to work in set design and production, the influence of which lends a unique and intriguing perspective to her work. It also allows her valuable time to focus on her artwork, as time becomes flexible betweensets.

Innes' works are defined by a free and gestural manner while utilising a restrained and minimal palette in her depiction oficonic and recognisable areas of New Zealand. Through her use of auniquely fractured perspective (drawn from her background in film),Innes succeeds in applying a contemporary spin to a traditional subject matter, resulting in intimate paintings full of richness and contrast.

*Works are examples only. Please contact us to see what is available