Gavin Chilcott

Born in 1950, Gavin Chilcott graduated with a Diploma of FineArts from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland, in 1970. Chilcott isone of New Zealand's most recognisable painters and his work hasreceived high acclaim both nationally and internationally.

Chilcott's style has evolved over the years, ranging from pure, structural abstraction in the early stages of his career, to theimplementation of symbolic forms, such as spheres and vessels, in a figurative and anecdotal manner in more recent works. In many ways, Chilcott's work revives ties to Surrealism, albeit without the acceptance of a Surrealist doctrine. Described by respected commentator Warwick Brown as 'funky Surrealism', Chilcott's work makes use of some of the more recognisable Surrealist conventions - symbolic objects, warped orstrained perspective, a sense of incongruity - married to the use of audacious colour and often chunky forms and zanycompositions.

Chilcott works in various media, including ceramics, sculpture, and installation as well as painting. His designs grace Dilana rugsand he has collaborated with furniture designer David White. He has been the recipient of QE II Arts Council grants from 1980-1989, hasparticipated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand,Australia, Italy and Spain, and continues to influence a new generation of New Zealand artists.

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