Gavin Jones

Gavin Jones was born in 1971 and currently lives in Auckland. Jones studied at the Auckland School of Art (later incorporated into the Auckland University of Technology) from 1989 to 1995 andgraduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts before undertaking a Master of Fine Arts at Elam, Auckland University's School of FineArts, which he completed in 2001.

Jones' work incorporated multiple elements and media across anumber of genres including pencil drawing, sculpture and paint. Initially, Jones' work embodied a form of culturalpastiche, borrowing from the past an assortment of miscellaneous fragments and assembling them into a cohesive image. As Jones himself noted in 2005's On the Cold, “sooner or later the forms I sample have to be painted, re-articulated. They cross overfrom being someone else's work to becoming something that I have produced myself.

However, at some point during this exchange I seem to take ownership of these forms, by using myself as the filter.“

Indeed, as his career has progressed, Jones has become more andmore the filter for his own work, developing a singular and recognisable style that melds expressionistic painterly techniquewith formal drawing and a highly resonant colour palette to createvibrant and intriguing 'polyvocal' works.

Jones has participated in multiple group shows and has held a number of solo exhibitions in Auckland, including 2007's AboutStuff,  a successful show at the Edmiston Duke Gallery in Lorne St.

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