James Moore

James Moore has exhibited regularly in Auckland and throughout the country since 1990, while tutoring art for major Auckland artschools including Auckland University of Technology, ManukauInstitute of Technology, Elam School of Fine Arts and UNITEC. In2004, Moore graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (with Honours)from Elam School of Fine Arts. Moore is presently teaching Designand Professional Studies at Hungry Creek Art and Craft School near Puhoi.

Moore's work deals largely with themes of 'non-place' - non-existent locations that exude familiarity; fictional worldsthat bear all the hallmarks and qualities of real places yet none of the connections that place them firmly in the world as we knowit. Moore's earlier work focussed on illustrating the architectural interiors of these 'non-places' and his work has since evolved to the illustration of the 'non-places' of commuting andthe general driving experience. In these later works, Moorepresents the ephemera of the road - signs, place names and cut-out contours of the land - as ubiquitous emblems of life in a place that does not exist. By fictionalising aspects of our own experience and floating these symbols in a neutral, white field, Moore seeks to present a fully believable alter-reality in which the constant nature of travelling blurs the lines between the real and the fictitious.

Moore's works are held in private and public collections throughout the country and he has been nominated as a finalist inthe prestigious James Wallace Awards five times, most recently gaining consecutive nominations in 2004 and 2005.

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