Jesse Watson

Jesse Watson attended Auckland University of Technology, graduating in 2002 with a Bachelor ofVisual Arts. Watson majored in Painting and received the University's Main Art Scholarship Award that year. He spent the next year in Melbourne, painting and producing commissioned pieces for Interior Art Australia, before returning to New Zealand in 2004 to continue his career as an artist. Watson was nominated as afinalist in the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Wallace Art Awards. Hecurrently resides in London.

Watson defines his work as a 'soundscape' of information,involving the interpretation of sound and silence from both auraland visual sources. The use of repetitive patterns found in music, architecture, technology, and nature are gathered together andtranslated into a composed track of 'visual noise'. Canvases are often sewn together in a manner of overlapping impulses 'runtogether'. The combination of materials can be seen as successionsof moments in time; energy, life and movement translated through abeat or repetitive sound and represented across the frame of thecanvas.

*Works are examples only. Please contact us to see what is available