Jill Perrott

Jill Perrott's artistic career began in earnest in the early 1990's, more than 20 years after her initial foray into the arts. Perrott studied art at Auckland University's Elam School of Art in the 1960's, but her devotion to her family saw her focussed onother aspects of life for the next two decades. With her three children attaining adulthood, Perrott re-energised her passion and proficiency for art though workshops at Art Station and Elam summer schools. She began exhibiting locally with her debut exhibition at Titirangi's Lopdell House Community gallery in 1997.

Perrott's work is lovingly preoccupied with the unique characterof the New Zealand landscape - particularly the West Coast of Auckland with its rugged bluffs, blackish bush and stark light. Her continuing experimentation with textures,resins and unusual media surfaces throughout her work, imbuing herpaintings with a sense of tactility that inform and add scope to the purely visual rendering of the landscape.

Since 1997, Perrott has won multiple awards for her work and has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand, combining exhibitionwith extensive photographic research of the landscape. In 2006, Perrott featured in Denis Robinson's New Zealand's Favourite Artists. Perrott continues to produce work from her studio in Titirangi, overlooking the Manukau Harbour.

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