Jody Hope Gibbons

Inspired by the fertile and lush surroundings of her home studio, Jody Hope Gibbons' work explores the fundamental elements of painting - texture, colour and depth. Ranging from the purely abstract to incorporating elements of landscape and recurring symbolic objects such as vessels and crosses, Gibbon's work is defined by her unique style.

With a fondness for materials such as gold leaf and tar, Gibbons' work evokes her love of the process and history of painting and suggests the idea of the artist as alchemist, mixing materials and concocting new and interesting ways of painting. It is her fascination with the materiality of paint and the ever-changing possibilities of painting that drives Gibbons' work.

Jody Hope Gibbons is based in Northland and her work is held in many private collections throughout New Zealand.

*Works are examples only. Please contact us to see what is available