Julia Thorne

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Julia Thorne's work in the photography medium has spanned more than two decades and been as diverse in nature as the subjects themselves.

Born in Whangarei, New Zealand in 1959 Julia moved to Aucklandin the mid 1970s. Diverted from plans of a legal career, she trained in journalism as a back door to photography and worked withthe New Zealand Herald for four years.

Whether in daily news journalism and photography, adventuretravel, corporate profiles, lifestyle magazine spreads or black andwhite portraits, Julia's experiences and sensitivity add depth to the images she creates.

Her passion for visual diversity and exploration of life motivated her travel to every continent between the sub-Antarctic islands and the Arctic Circle all of it contributing to herperspective and visual interpretations.

&ldquo As a photographer for more than 20 years, I have had theprivilege of seeing beyond the obvious and superficialities in life, through both editorial and corporate projects.&ldquo

&ldquo Now, through my flora fine-art work I aim to reflect some of nature's intricacies, fragility, harshness and strengths also discovered in human life.

The entwined nuances also offer a chance to see, understand and accept aspects of life and humans for what they are.&ldquo

  • Kowhai I
    Pigmented ink on archival watercolour paper, edition of 6, 980mm x 600mm
  • Metrosideros Excelsor
    Pigmented ink on archival watercolour paper, edition of 6, 1530mm x 910mm
  • Orchid Cactus
    Pigmented ink on archival watercolour paper, edition of 6, 990mm x 700mm
  • Pohutukawa Aurea
    Pigmented ink on archival watercolour paper, edition of 10, 840mm x 840mm

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