Kathy Barber

Born in 1965, Kathy Barber studied painting at Whitecliffe College of Art & Design in Auckland, following a long and distinguished career as an advertising creative that culminated in her role as creative director at Ammirati Puris Lintas in New York.

Barber's recognisable work is a technically adept and emotionally charged abstract response to landscape. Using multiple layers of opaque paint and exploring the Renaissance notion ofchiaroscuro (the use of shading and contrast between light and

dark to effect depth), Barber's works exhibit a quietly simmering energy that promotes reflection.

Mentored by prominent Auckland painter Matthew Browne, Barber has held numerous solo and group shows in New Zealand and Australia since 2000, and was nominated as a finalist in the 2002 WaikatoNational Art Awards and the 2009 New Zealand Painting andPrintmaking Award.

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