Kennedy Malin

Born in 1952, Kennedy Malin attended Elam School of Fine Arts, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1991, before going on to complete her Master of Arts. Malin was highly regarded as an educator, tutoring at the Auckland Society of Arts and teaching painting, drawing and design at the Whitecliffe College of FineArts in Auckland.

Malin's work combined theoretical and painterly concerns inequal quantities, utilising a variety of media and moving throughexpressive, textural and ethereal phases, all of which served to relate both her influences and her reactions to them.

In her show souvenir tendre, encompassing herBLISS and POISON series, Malin deliberately conflated the feminine with ornamentation and detail - a common and consistent theme in the latter stages of her career. Malin'swork provided a wry comment on the persistent and pejorative connotations ofornamentation in art as an emblem of the feminine, whichitself entailed the hysterical and the irrational when held up against the more composed, cultural and rational maleness of thetradition 'high art'. Comprising large, looming panels adorned inhighly detailed, decorative patterning with an expressive flourish,Malin's painting in this show was a tongue-in-cheek response to the discrimination against the perceived decadence, domesticity and docility of women painters throughout the history of 'highart'.

Malin participated in a number of solo and group showsthroughout New Zealand and completed commissions for the Raeburn Glanfield Private Collection and the Centra Hotel in Auckland.

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