Kiran McKinnon

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Kiran McKinnon studied at London's City & Guilds School ofArt, before returning to New Zealand in 1995 to attend Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Art, where she completed her Masters in Fine Arts (1st Class Honours) in 2001. Following several years of work in the UK, McKinnon returned toElam in 2007 to undertake her Doctorate in Fine Arts.

McKinnon's work explores the nature of perception and itsrelation to human experience, provoking thought on how we 'create'our reality through perception and how art can lay bare theconstructive mechanics of perception.

Often utilising unconventional and highly mechanical production

methods, McKinnon creates abstract fields of spray thatpulsate and undulate in a random yet rhythmic manner. The pixelatedeffect of these spray works is a visual taunt - without a definablesubject matter, McKinnon's audience is left with a blurred field ofvision, a collection of particles from which to create an image, avisual experience unique to them. It is this celebration of theambiguity of perception that McKinnon uses as a response to anumber of fundamental philosophical questions - that we create ourown reality through perception and that in doing so, we give meaning and form to what might objectively be termed a randomcollection of molecules.

  • Untitled
    Acrylic on canvas, 1000mm x 600mm
  • Untitled
    Acrylic on canvas, 1000mm x 600mm
  • Untitled
    Acrylic on canvas, 1500mm x 1000mm
  • Untitled
    Acrylic on canvas, 1000mm x 700mm

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