Kirsten Nicholls

Kirsten Nicholls studied Landscape Architecture at LincolnUniversity, Canterbury, graduating B.L.A (Hons) before relocating to Auckland to study Fine Arts at Elam, where she graduated M.F.A(Hons).

Nicholls' career as a props buyer for the film and television industry informs much of her work, providing the inspiration to create works that are reminiscent of a vividly nostalgic dream, ofveiled images and hazy recollections. As Nicholls explains, 'I am inspired by the atmospheric feeling that period filmgives; of wonder and excitement, of great nostalgia for lives past,of supposed ancient decorum & morals and of the feeling of looking into an old photograph, imagining what happens before, during and after...'

A recent finalist in the Wallace Art Awards, Nicholls has participated in numerous group shows around Auckland and continues to play an active role in the Auckland creative scene.

*Works are examples only. Please contact us to see what is available