Lindsay Antrobus Evans

Born from simplicity and meticulously crafted, Lindsay Evans'sculptures convey a sense of natural power and resonance.

His various wall-hung triptychs, created in an array ofdifferent timbers, are an abstraction of the Dallan, a traditional Gaelic boundary marker, in which Evans presents the boundary markeras signifying not only geographical, but also temporal limitations.

While intrinsically primal, Evans' works also carry with them the intentional marks of human contact, whether via the irinclusion of burnished copper and blackened timber, or theirinternal routing that suggests the hand of the artist. In this way,Evans' sculptures create an immediate juxtaposition between the natural and the crafted that speaks ultimately of the precariousco-existence between the natural and the man-made in the modern world.

*Works are examples only. Please contact us to see what is available