Paul Haywood

Paul Haywood lives and works in Karamea on the South Island's West Coast. He graduated with a Diploma of Visual Arts from the School of Visual Arts, Nelson, andhas exhibited nationally and internationally since 1991, including a show in Costa Rica in 1998.

Haywood's richly textured, abstract canvases are inspired as much by his experiences with indigenous cultures in Third World countries as by the West Coast environmentand his desire to let the properties of the raw materials of painting speak for themselves.

Haywood's painterly approach results in multi-level work, bothliterally and figuratively. Paint rises from the canvas andis moulded and shaped into visceral patterns that relate an underlying tension and gravity in the work. In 2004 Haywood's work was selected for the James Wallace Collection and the following year he was invited to take up the artist's residency at the Parnell Community Trust in Parnell, Auckland.

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