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Born and raised in the North East of England and graduating with a Fine Art degree from Manchester University, Rachel has been a resident of West Auckland since 2007. In her past lives (pre kids) she lived in London, Sydney and Winchester working both as a freelance photographer and photographic artist. Rachel began to develop her range of photographic art prints in 2000 just as high end digital photography was emerging.

"My work is more about form and colour than the importance of the subject. I am looking for a feeling of calm, to raise the spirits and soothe a deeper part of us. 

What attracts me to my subjects is its colour, form and pattern, rather than the subject itself, and I use photography to capture a painted like image. A blank canvas instantly filled.

I find a feeling of calm and contentment when working by moving around the subject to capture a perfect balance and composition. The negative space is as important as the subject itself.

Perhaps the calmness I create through these images reflects what I crave in my everyday life. Creating these images cause me to pause, reflect and breath. They are my calm in a storm, my comfort in a busy world."

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