Rene Jansen

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Rene Jansen immigrated to New Zealand at 21 from the Netherlands. Jansen's approach to his artistic practice stems from where he has been and where he is now. Having a background in Art and Design, this forms his strong compositions within his work.

Using a variety of media including aluminium, brass, canvas and timber, Jansen's large geometric sculptures are impressive in their scale, craftsmanship and grace. Thematically, Jansen's work hints at the thin divide between order and chaos, lending itself to a visual embodiment of the concept of entropy. Through the materials used by Jansen, his works empower a duality of tranquility and tension, softness and harshness beyond the material world, balancing a visual sensitivity. The execution of geometric shape and composition are precise holding subtle appreciation of mystery and metaphysical, influenced by Neo-Concrete and Zero Art Movements.

Jansen has exhibited regularly in both solo and group shows. The most recent being 'Geometry of Fundamentalist' at Lopdell House, Titirangi. Jansen currently works from his design studio in Oratia, Auckland.

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