Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson was born in Auckland in 1965 and graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts in 1990. He isequally well-known for his painting as for his sculpture.

As a painter, Thompson utilises manyof the same motifs present in his sculpture, notably the 'Tau'cross (in part a homage to - and appropriation from - McCahon, inpart a self-reflective injection of individual personality inreference to the 'T' of his surname) and the quarter-circle'waterfall' motif.

In 2001, Thompson travelled toAntarctica as part of a Creative New Zealand initiative, a journey that strongly influenced his subsequent works, drawing his palettes down from multi-tonal colourto monochromatic simplicity.

Thompson has created several large-scale sculptures for privatecollections, notably the Albany District Court in Auckland and the foyer sculpture Three Standing for the Price Waterhouse Coopers tower in the Auckland CBD. His work is held in collectionsthroughout New Zealand and Australia, including the Chartwell Collection at the Auckland Art Gallery, The Jenny Gibbs collection and the Wallace Art Trust collection.

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