Robert McLeod

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Born in Scotland in 1948, Robert McLeod attended the Glasgow School of Art before immigrating to NewZealand in 1972.

McLeod's peculiar form ofexpressionism is derived from a fascination with the physical properties of paint, with an emphasis on the tactility of paint adefining aspect of his style. In focussing on the physicality ofpaint, McLeod celebrates the medium as an end rather than a means,thereby redirecting interest to the qualities of the paint itself its occupation of space, its dependence on light for colour (and McLeod is known for exploring the vast range of colour available) and the change in feel associated with differing styles of application (brush, palette knife, spray etc).

As McLeod has confirmed, his painterly raison d'tre is, &ldquo the paint itself. I want it to be scraped, burnt, cut, pierced,scarred, glazed, wrinkled, aged like skin. I'm not trying to usepaint to describe, or decorate, to make a beautiful surface orobject. I just want the paint to be&ldquo

His interest in the physical aspects of paint has led McLeodoutside the realm of the traditional rectangular canvas in favourof more unconventional constructions and supports that furtheremphasise the natural tendencies of paint. These free-form supports reflect the fluidity and sensuality of paint, while at the same time creating a tension of shape and colour unrivalled by the square.

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