Roger Mortimer

Roger Mortimer is an Auckland-based artist who graduated with aDiploma in Teaching from Auckland University and a Bachelor of FineArts from Elam School of Fine Arts in the late 1990's. Mortimer exhibits extensively in solo and group shows.

Mortimer's work juxtaposes the medieval imagery of illuminations and manuscript text with modern bureaucratic literature, skilfully blending the stark and declarative writing of WINZ correspondence or the authoritative tone of the Treaty of Waitangi with a fondnessfor intricate Blackletter (Gothic) script, soft tones and deftly rendered scenery.

In portraying institutional text in a quasi-medieval form,Mortimer exposes the subtext and connotations of such correspondence and draws allusions to the hand of the state in both modern and medieval life - a subtext made all the more captivating by the skill and quality of Mortimer's exacting painterly approach and use of text in the composition as much for its graphic as its literary aspects.

*Works are examples only. Please contact us to see what is available