Sean McDonnell

Sean McDonnell attended Elam Art School graduating in 2001 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.

McDonnell has since exhibited his works locally and abroad, recently creating his own space, studio gallery in Bayly’s Beach where he lives. His surroundings help form his art and cater for his avid love of nature and surfing, which is balanced with being a visual arts teacher at a college near by.

“I use my artwork to express the feelings I have about the amazing beauty and brevity of life. I feel most alive and connected to the universe when I am making art. Nature is a huge inspiration and most of my works are centred around this theme. “

McDonnell’s works are energetic and filled with vibrant colours. As the nature and light changes around him, a moment is captured in the process at the time, by memory or by a series of images to refer to.

*Works are examples only. Please contact us to see what is available