Wayne Wilson-Wong

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Auckland-born artist Wayne Wilson-Wongworked as a professional photographer in New Zealand and the UKfrom 1990-2000, contributing news, sports and features photographyto a wide array of newspaper and magazine publications including The Times UK & Sunday Times, The Guardian, Reuters News Agency,The New Zealand Herald, Metro and Mana Magazine. Diverseassignments allowed Wilson-Wong to travel extensively throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and North America, gaining experience and developing his style. On returning to New Zealand, Wilson-Wonglectured photography on a part-time basis for Bachelor of Fine Artsstudents at Auckland's Whitecliffe School of Art and Design before pursuing his studies at Auckland University's Elam School of FineArts. Having graduated Elam with a Master of Fine Arts (First ClassHonours) in 2003, he is now engaged in the Fine Arts doctoral programme.

Wilson-Wong's unique and vibrant rendering of colour owes its existence in part to his mastery of a form of digital low light exposure that extends the possibilities of conventional imaging atnight. Stemming from a foundation of social documentary, his photography combines the aesthetic primacy of this sumptuous colourand sharp form with the underlying anthropological, historical andsociological concerns of this style of reportage. As heelaborates, &ldquo I have always had a drive to photograph the present for futuregenerations to consider in retrospect. My practice operates withinthe genre of Social Documentary with subject matter mainly focusingon people and environments. My photographs strive to represent acertain subjective and interpretive quality of authenticity felt aswe experience the world in which we find ourselves.&ldquo

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